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ALDI is consistently converting its fresh meat range to that comes from more animal-friendly farm conditions. For the animals this means more space, more exercise and more fresh air. For Aldi, this means by 2030 only meat from animals that have lived in the best conditions will be in the range. "ALDI. Let's change our attitude.”

Milestone for Animal Welfare

80% of the meat sold in German supermarkets comes from animals kept under conditions 1 and 2, which means that these animals spend their entire lives in darkness. ALDI is therefore starting #CHANGEOFATTITUDE in 3 stages: stakeholder participation, announcement and customer activation in PR, print, TV and web.

This campaign had high media coverage (PR value €21.2 million) with a total reach of 222 million impressions and an unprecedented positive-neutral ratio of 93%. 75% awareness range in the core target group shows how important the topic is for all of us.